Friday, May 28, 2010

REPOST: Spring Fever & The Bonk, aka, Cereal Is My Kryptonite

The following is a re-post of a bad day I had earlier this spring ... There's a reason for the re-post, watch for it!

==> Living in Cleveland provides many seasonal challenges! So when we get lucky with Indian Summer or a few sunny days in Feb. and March, my triathlon peeps and I all get very excited and look to make the most out of an outdoor workout. This weekend looks promising. Yesterday was in the 60's and I knew that so I took the day off so that I could do a LONG run. I was shooting for an 18 mile loop and had an 11 mile loop as my second option. In the morning I got a lot of errands done, as I waited for the prime warm time in the afternoon. Unfortunately poor planning, and honestly a bit of gluttony and some bad decisions surfaced to throw a wrench in my plans. I had cereal for breakfast. :( (BIG frowny face!) I had 2 bowls. Now, cereal is my kryptonite. I love all cereal - all, sweetened and healthy. But, I just can't have it. It makes me feel super sick as my BG skyrockets. I KNOW this. I am usually really good about avoiding it. It's ALWAYS a negative experience. I eat it and love it, then comes the sugar high and sleep. So, to cover the meal, as I'd be running in 4 hrs, I doubled my Glimepiride. Needless to say, I regretted the decision. When it was time to go, I felt "okay" and decided to check my BG ... 75. Now I know it was on it's way down, and I really needed a gel to give me some glucose for the insulin to work on. But I didn't take it. Mistake number 2. I started out and promptly began to bonk. I knew it was now in the 60s and heading south. DAMN! I had to turn back - I ruined this run :( Ugh. Now I'm ashamed, angry, depressed, and beating myself up, which is not a good mix of emotions to get back to the workout. Technically I could have gone home and had a gel or two and headed back out, but no, now I'm in a mood and there's no turning it around at this point. So, I get home and decide: Pancakes. I was getting shaky by now and that "NEED CARBS NOW" urgent feeling began to creep in. So, I make and eat pancakes. Sugar free syrup at least. Now, with pancakes in my gullet, the run is off the table. I'm in a self-created, miserable state and I need to find a way to turn it around.

My new plan is to get some recipes from Diabetic Living and buy some better choices - get back up on the horse again tomorrow. "I'll run tomorrow. I'll make up for today" is the best I can do.

There are many challenges with this disease ... half of them are out of my control. But, I do have control over many things, too. Yesterday, I lost my will power. Any time I choose to eat cereal, I'm making a BAD choice. I used to not have it in the house. But, I have 3 kids: 11 yrs, 8 yrs, 6 yrs. and they want cereal. It's unfair to deny them access to some of the healthier cereals (Yesterday's failure was with Rice Chex) so I often have Cherrios, shredded wheat, Chex, Total, etc. For a LONG time I was very good and the cereal didn't tempt me. But yesterday I was weak. I have hormonal fluctuation monthly (you get my drift!!) and for about 3 days I am an EATING MACHINE! I make bad choices and it's a dangerous time. Once that craving period has passed, I'm much better. So, now I'm focusing on TODAY and getting back on track with my diet and my exercise. These frustrating - FAILURE - days really can knock the steam out of your training. But unless you pick yourself up and walk - er, RUN - the straight and narrow, everything can fall to pieces. So, today is a new day.

Incidentally, finding out that I got the Triabetes Captain position for 2010 was JUST the kick I needed to boost my will power and focus. I'm very excited about it, and it will help me remain accountable! I've worked SO hard over the past 3 yrs to change my lifestyle ... I've really had a good deal of success! Another obstacle I had was losing my health insurance in January. I became depressed. I missed my quarterly exam, A1c, I gained about 7 lbs., and I had FAIL days more often. Fortunately I found insurance mid Feb. and I see my Endo next week. And, I'm consulting with another, because I'm worried I'm stuck with my current Endo - the consult is with a 2002 graduate so I'm looking forward to seeing a new set of ideas to help me with my "unique" status as a type 2 diabetic ... I fear I'm slipping toward insulin dependence, and the challenges with racing f or 4-16 hrs has it's own issues. I'm creeping toward the use of a CGM and pump. I'd been resisting that for many years, but now am seeing it may be in my best interest. My incidence of hypoglycemia is increasing and I'm often testing 10 or more times daily. My body and my chemistry changes as I age, and throwing triathlon into the mix add a whole nother level of challenge.

We shall see! In the mean time, I'm hoping for a great run today, and will probably throw in a spin for good measure!!

Peace out, peeps!

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