Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I've referred to it before ... the PRP. Any runner, swimmer, biker, triathlete, ... I would even go so far to say ANY athlete that is preparing for a race, or probably even a game ... will know just exactly what I mean when I say something like "The PRP is crucial to having an outstanding performance". It just is! It's critical. Essential. Vital. It's oh so important!!

The pre-race poop. Yes folks, that's the nebulous PRP I refer to. It can be elusive. It can be brash and bold. You hope for the latter. Every athlete has a certain routine that they do before a race. I would be so bold as to say that every athlete hopes for, and is thankful for, the PRP. To NOT have the PRP is a bad sign - at least for me! For me, it's as if the destiny of the race is determined in the 2-3 hours before the race. Yes, seriously!! :)

So, there you have it. The PRP. Without it, I face slushy gut - when I'm trying to take in the fluid and nutrition need, and things just aren't moving south. It's NOT FUN to run with slushy gut! Worse yet, the possible scenario where you may have the UNDESIRABLE PRP - the PERI-race poop. Not good. Not good at all. Those porta-potties are yuck, and to have to use them DURING a race, for anything other than peeing ... is just ... just ... a horrible experience!!!

It's not a topic for conversation for the dinner table. It's not a topic everyone can handle, but, ask any athlete, he or she will admit that the PRP is a crucial component of the PRE-race routine.

We shall not speak of this again ... we shall only refer to it as the PRP.


  1. The truth has to be spoken. I have a coffee and Metamucil daily routine to try to make sure that there are no surprises.

  2. Yes, it's very important to, as I say it, "take care of business." If I can take care of business at home, or when traveling, in the hotel room, that's great. If not, then it's OK to take care of business in the portables near the starting line.
    But it can ruin my day to not take care of business before the race.
    Of course, the longer the race, the more important this is.

  3. I knew my tri peeps would TOTALLY know just how important this is!! LOLOL For me, it can make or break a race!