Thursday, May 20, 2010

Back at it!

So, after the disappointing marathon, I took Monday off (boy was I SORE!) then back to the grindstone with at spin class. Although I was still somewhat sore, the spin actually flushed out some of the lactic acid and I felt less sore afterward, but more tired!! The spin class was run well and I felt I got a great hour workout - not the same as cycling, but a good compromise on rainy Tuesday. Then, into the pool for an easy 1000. That felt real good!

My BG has been off all week :( Like, mid-200's. I'm not sure if it's correlated with the marathon, but I sure hope so, because I have no other explanation. Oh, wait, I do! I HAVE been craving carbs! It's that hormonal 2 days I get right around my period where I'm RAVENOUS. I'm sure that's a variable too. I'm 4 days out from the marathon, and 2 days out from the carb festival and I'm still running high.

Wednesday was a rest day. Today - Thursday - was a fantastic day weather-wise! I have chicklets today, and my oldest daughter had a trumpet concert tonight, so I knew I would have to get creative to get in a workout - especially a LONG workout, which I really DO need. So, after work, I arrived home and changed into my running gear, waited for chicklets to arrive home then negotiated a TWO HOUR WINDOW to run, where they would essentially be on their own. I begged. I pleaded. I threatened. Packed my phone in case of an emergency, shared my course with my oldest (I always worry that I'll drop dead and then a cop will have to tell them!). I crossed the street and asked the neighbor if he could be their emergency contact in the event of a true emergency and was assured they'd be fine - go do my run! I am grateful for the help of neighbors, and the cooperation of my kids. This is a sacrifice and a commitment from the entire family - this training for an Ironman!

I had a good run! I felt strong, not too fatigued. I took salt tabs every half hour. No cramping! I run a nice loop around Mentor that is 11 miles. I was happy with this run. Now if only I can get these BG numbers a little more in line.

Off for some quinoa for dinner! YUM!

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