Thursday, January 5, 2012


For the Fools 50K Run ... my first ultra! Thanks to Mike Rosenberg for the suggestion, and for joining me - but likely running it faster than me - for this adventure April 1st!

That's 31.07 miles folks! WOWZA!  Ran yesterday, felt decent but it stirred up some residual GI issues that kept me from spin class. But no worries, because there is another this Saturday and I'm prepared to get my ass whooped then!

Today's agenda: more mileage on the 'mill. And I'm needing some good trail shoes. Never bought trail running shoes ... Any suggestions?  I typically run in KSwiss and Ascics and have a neutral shoe. No pronation, no supination, and not a heel-striker, but a mid-ball strike runner. I have a review of trail shoes in my latest Running magazine issue, but I need to get up to Achilles and try them on - you can't just buy shoes without trying them on when it's something this new and different. Maybe I'd try it with a KSwiss trail shoe via Zappos, but I think I'll give my business to Achilles to keep it local.

I've got a lot of running to do ... (runs away to get another cup of coffee so I'm adequately caffeinated for this morning's run ...)

Peace out!

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