Friday, May 20, 2011

Fantastic News!

Greetings! Just wanted to share some fantastic news ... FIVE of the 2010 Triabetes team Captains will be doing the Rev3 Full distance triathlon!! That's 140.6 miles of fun-filled comarderie!!  Four of us DNF'd in St. George, due to one reason or another, but Annie Bacon persevered and is now an Ironman! She will soon be a two-time ironman :) Our team consists of:
Annie Bacon

Jenny Crandell
Tiffany Heindel
Andrea Houston
Daniel Vincent

The others had commitments or just plain would rather stop, while on top! Which I totally understand! But some of us have "unfinished business"  :)

We may be blessed with an appearance from Vic Kinnunen himself, Kona athlete for 2011. And if you haven't heard ... I'M GOING TO BE THERE!!!

That's kind of a fun story. I had entered the lottery WAY BACK WHEN ... and now, April 15, I was PRAYING hard NOT to be pulled!! I was burned out. Well, I wasn't pulled and I was thrilled about it, frankly.  Shortly after the lottery pull, I get a call from Vic ... he's received a "suspicious email" ... ie it didn't look too authentic.  Well, I pulled up the Kona lottery winners and there he was!! :)  I'm so excited for him. Keep in mind, at the time, he'd not done ONE IM, so his focus was on IMSG.  And, well, we know how that turned out ... VICtorious!!!!  :)

I have another friend that's trying to KQ. I'll keep his name private for now, because I'm sure he's pretty stressed out, now that he's put it out there, but I have FULL CONFIDENCE he WILL qualify!!  

Finally, I met a nice woman at IMSG, and she ROCKED my age group, taking second and KQ. She's going. Her name is Arin and I can't wait to cheer her on. 

As I was returning home from my ER shift, I thought ... how can I pitch this to Ted?? He's all up on triathlon, but it's not like his dream to spend a 17 hr day in Hawaii watching strangers race.  And I get that - totally!! However, Hawaii IS his favorite place, and guess what?? Tons of golf courses in Hawaii!  So, his head went to work and he did what he does best ... search for that amazing DEAL - the kind that you've "gotten over on the man" deal! Like us staying at the Hilton for $47 dollars deal! He's great at that.  I took a nap, and when I woke up, he said, I found a good deal ... I'm ready to pull the trigger.  WHAT???!!!   He had asked what MY vision of Oct. 8th would be, in terms of his role. I said I'd love, and I'd think he'd love, to see the start - it IS amazing!!! Then he could meander off and play 18 or 36 holes of golf, nap, mosey back down to the race and watch the later finishers as long or short as he'd like. I will be there until all 3 of my peeps have crossed, and likely until Midnight. It's a great compromise and our two respective sports are quite complimentary and compatible.   He pulled the trigger and we are going to Kona in October!!

Back to Rev3 ... how fun this will be do have these people here to finish this business! The odds are that even on the worst of days, September in Ohio is pretty damned great! I can't wait to see Dan, Jenny, Andrea, Annie and me cross that line!!! And to have all those CTC peeps around is icing on the cake for me.

Can. Not. Wait.!!!   Feeling re-energized just thinking about it! :)

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  1. WOO HOO!!!!! This makes me even more excited! How awesome that Annie is coming, too! We really are a freaking awesome bunch of captains, aren't we?? LOL :)