Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Checking in ... Tuesdays are set up to be a great workout day for me! In theory, I love it!! Sometimes on Tuesday morning, when the alarm goes off and it's time to get moving, maybe then, not so much :)  It's easy to say "nah, I'm going to sleep in" ... but so far, so good!! I'm holding 100% since becoming a Lifetime Fitness member.

This morning I headed out for LTF with a plan to do spin class then swim 2000 meters in the pool, before heading over to Lakeland to teach Pharmacology - and today, delivering the bad news that 98% of them bombed my quiz.  It's never fun to face these guys with that kind of news.  So, I was hoping to start off with a great workout to get me in a good mood for my own class.  I started spinning 30 minutes before class. I was feeling good and then ... Dexcom started going nuts! My BG was plummeting and it was all over the place beeping and vibrating. I've been getting a good number of lows lately so I was prepared with a Clif bar. I snarfed it down, and now it was just a WAIT issue. I continued to spin and started getting very, very irritable. I knew why. I knew what was going on. I tried to just focus on something else. Next my Dexcom is telling me I'm under 55. 50. 45. 40. then just: LOW!!!!   Sweet mother of God would the damn carbs kick in already!!!! 

Then class was starting to fill with people arriving to set their bikes up before class.  One chick sashays in, decked out in spandex, and proceeds to MOVE THE BIKE, despite having stickers all over the place saying DO NOT MOVE BIKE.   She then sees me looking unhappy and asks, "am I in your way?" Uh, yes. You moved directly into my view of the screen. Well, she didn't like that answer.  And remember, I'm hypo-crabby here, so I'm grateful that I was able to show enough civility, and remain calm. I wonder, why ask me if you're obstructing my view when you have no real interest in the answer to that question??  She proceeds to adjust her bike, leaving it in the spot she moved it to, and I decided NOT to utter a profanity at her, but to calmly change bikes. Good God, let this BG come back into a normal zone!!  I'm ready to kick spandex-girl's ass all over the place!!!

Fortunately, class started and I was distracted, but this would be a hill workout and I nearly passed out before the BG's returned to a normal range. That was BRUTAL!!  Honestly, I was afraid to stop ... class had started and I feared if I got off the bike and sat down that I would pass out. I just kept trying to focus, drink water and wait for those 44 grams of carbs to do their thing!  And eventually they did. It was a good 90 minute aerobic workout though.

Next I headed to the pool and swam 2000 meters. That was pretty uneventful and felt really good. So, workout done, and on to class. I grabbed a snack and made up a batch of Generation UCAN recovery drink to have after the workout.

After class I headed over to my quarterly endo appointment. I was happy to report the news of my new ironman status to Dr. M and the staff.  :)  Then I addressed the dreaded weight gain I'm encountering since starting insulin. Dr. M had a great idea and I'll be trying Symlin injections at meal time to try to combat the weight gain.  If I tolerate it, and it does the job holding my BG down after meals, I may be able to decrease, or  discontinue, the Apidra. That would be good!! We'll see.

So, feeling better after Tuesday's workout ... hoping that this carries me out of my slump and I can continue the week with a strong build as I continue to train for Ironman Florida Nov. 6.  I'll be heading to Panama City, FL on Nov. 1 and meeting the other Triabetes Captains for diabetes camp - or InsulinDependence University (IDU) for the week before the race.  More on that in another post ... when I will be sharing some very good news!!! Watch for it :)

Peace out!

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