Sunday, October 3, 2010


Well, it's been three weeks since the Rev3 Full ... and it feels like it's been 3 months! I took 2 full weeks off, not by choice, but to let my feet heal. I figured that since this was the condition my body was in, that the 2 weeks would be beneficial ... and maybe it was in some ways. But, in other ways, I'm now 1 week into my "return to training" and I'm just struggling with motivation right now.  I had a good workout on Tuesday - a great spin class then 1000 meters in the pool. I plan to repeat that every Tuesday (but probably up the distance to 2000 meters).  So, I was feeling like that's the push I needed to get back into working out regularly.  But it wasn't.   I struggled all week.  Good intentions. Full workout schedule planned ... just couldn't seem to execute. I missed some great running days and I really have no excuse.  One day I actually started out - got 1 mile out and then felt so blah that I ejected. I had Jaime riding her bike with me.  My gut was a little off ... not typical for me, and it really wasn't an excuse to quit, but I used it.

On Thursday night I awoke SOPPING WET ... not sure what that was about.  Any of my diabetes peeps, does this happen to you with night time hypoglycemia?  I was low ... I need to go back and check my Dexcom and see if that explains it.  I was in a haze and I just changed and went back to bed ... moving to Ted's side b/c my side was soaked.  Yuck, I know. 

Friday I had big plans ... but again petered out. Saturday I had a bit of back arthritis, but nothing that would ever keep me from running.  On the way home from the CTC picnic my neck was a little sore ... uh oh, that happens when I have a fever.  I took my temp and I was 100.8 ... I usually run 97.5.  Took some Aleve and napped for almost 3 hrs. Got up, had dinner and went to bed at 9 pm - EXHAUSTED. Totally disproportionate with my day. Eh, maybe I had a little virus??  Who knows. But that doesn't explain my mental slump.

Ted made a good point yesterday when we were talking: I've been working toward Sept. 12, 2010 for ONE FULL YEAR!!!  That was always the carrot and even with little ebbs and flows, I was able to not miss more than 3 or 4 days tops. Now that it's over, I think I'm in that post-race funk many talk about.  Well, that's just not going to work because I have Columbus Marathon in 2 weeks and IMFL in a month!!!  I cannot afford to lose too much base and, I can only "rest" so much before I'll lose my fitness.

After a good night's sleep I vowed to turn it around this week, starting today. So, I went out and did my base run of 7 miles.  The first half I was tight and a bit winded, but then I started to feel better and on the return route I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone and move my HR up to zone 2. I managed a good pace on the way back, negative splitting by 1:18, into the wind!  I'm feeling better now.  I need to keep on my training plan this week and turn this slump around so I'm building for IMFL.  I'm not too terribly concerned about my Columbus Marathon - I'm using it as a training run and it'll be good, bad or medium - it is what it is.  I can handle it.  After the salt/toe debacle, I've ordered 2 pairs of shoes 1/2 size larger so I will likely run in those (with the option of swapping them half way if needed).  My friend, Elizabeth, is going to run the half and she suggested I move down to the half. I could, but I think I really need a full marathon right now.  I'm healthy and uninjured so it would do wonders to catapult me into the bigger training series.  So, I'm probably going to stick with the full unless something changes.

I'm getting a new rear wheel so I can put my old tire on it and use it on the trainer now that weather is so challenging. Time to break out the trainer and the dreadmill! :)

I got a lot of flack for my very full race calendar, but I'll tell you, it kept me focused on the training. I think this period is one of the biggest slumps I've had since beginning triathlons.  I need to keep up the training so I can have a successful IMFL in November.  Then I'll take a week off and refocus on some other things, like P90X, lifting and stroke improvement for a bit. I can begin the build for IMSG in the late winter/early spring.  I know once IMFL is over I'll be ready for a few weeks to call "off season" :)

I have some other GREAT NEWS ... I'll save it for another post very soon.
Peace out peep!

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