Thursday, January 20, 2011

Moving Forward

It's been awhile since I've checked in ... and last time was some pretty heavy stuff. So, for a change, I thought I'd check in with a light update!

I'm loving that we - CTC - have so many training options available to us. If you are in the Cleveland area, you HAVE to join, it is SO worth it! If you join by Jan. 31 - it's $20. Beginning February, it's $25. You will get discounts that easily save you the membership fee, and the support network is PRICELESS!

I go to Twinsburg Spin classes on Sat. mornings - lead by the amazing Todd Bolgrin! I look forward to this ALL. WEEK. LONG!  Todd whoops my arse on the bike and I keep coming back for more. I'm hopeful he, and my other amazing support network, will get me through Ironman St. George in 109 days I think it is now.  I love our group and I have a lot of fun there! Then we do some swimming afterward - and it's just MORE FUN!!  So, by the time I return to my home, I've done a super workout and can spend the remainder of my day with my family. Kids every other weekend - Love that, too!

Sundays I head over to OBERLIN - yes, that's quite a trek from Mentor! But there I get a fun-filled, kick-ass workout with some of my favorite CTC peeps.  This started out easy - very easy - but we are quickly moving into very challenging sets.  After swimming, we move upstairs where me and 30 of my closest friends do a freakin' HARD spin class. OMG!

This past weekend, I was very bummed because I felt TERRIBLE.  Initially it may, or may not have been steel-cut oats. I'd had 3 servings in 12 hrs, including a cup at 5:30 am before swimming. Boy was I sick. I was hurting like nobody's business! I hung the best I could. I started feeling okay, but as the workout amped up, I started feeling worse and had to sit out sets. I was bummed, too, because I had 3 new lane-mates and I'm sure they were thinking "what the heck is SHE doing in our lane?"  Typically I can hold my own. I'm not the lane lead, but I can hang with Durno (who was also hurting, but for different reasons!).  Ed Slovenkay, not so much!! He's a machine! :)  I got out to see if it was my blood glucose ... took about  5 minutes for my CGM to sync ... next time I bring the glucometer. Nope.  148. So, back into the water and I tried to hang, but had to step off for a few 50s in each set.  My gut was killing me. I was pretty bummed because this was our hardest workout to date.

After swimming I was happy to get on the bike, but the gut was still pretty painful.  At least I could see my CGM though, so I knew it wasn't diabetes-related. By this time, I'm blaming the oatmeal.  It may or may not have been the oatmeal ... I guess I won't know, because I sure as heck won't be doing that again!  I think I need to lump (pun intended) oatmeal into my cereal ban - although for other reasons. I do love it, but this was brutal.  I went home and writhed in pain for the rest of the day.

Monday, went to work and still hurting! By this time I'm considering the ER ... I'm bloated and - literally - look 6-7 months pregnant!  I should have had Ted take a pic - I was HUGE!!!!  Things weren't moving and I was hurting.  Then, at work, epiphany!!   I remember this ... it's a damn gall bladder attack!  The last time I had one was when I was teaching and surgicating at Stautz and I was the surgeon for the night class.  I writhed in pain on the staff lounge floor and everyone tried to get me to the ER ... but I knew if I didn't cut, the students would have to make up the lab.  We got out the ultrasound and could see my glorious gall stone and an angry gall bladder.  And, while it's not common, I get horrific bloating and chest pains too.  I keep meaning to get this taken care of but the episodes are so few and far between, and my health insurance sucks, so I'd be paying for the entire thing.  Well, damn it, I want an insulin pump, not a cholodochocystectomy!

I made it through work Monday, again, cutting while in pain - but it was merely 2 simple castrations, so no biggie.  Got home and, while I wanted to curl into the fetal position and sleep and cry and bask in the glory of pain meds, I had course syllabi to finish. Damn it.

By Tuesday, the pain had abated. Mostly fasting and a lot of water.  But still somewhat bloated. But, I have classes all day and am on campus from 8 am - 8 pm.   Throughout the day, it seemed to improve.

Now it's Wed. and I'm feeling more like myself! I'm hopeful to get on the treadmill this evening! Swim and spin tomorrow and looking forward to camping out at LTF all day Friday doing my monster workout day. 

I'm also very much looking forward to this weekend's  Spin/Swim and Swim/Spin classes - and mostly, for redemption at Sunday's class.  I want to show my new lane-mates that I CAN hang with them!! I''m not afraid to push and hurt  in a swim set - but dang,  gall bladder attack - that'll bring you to your knees.  I hung tough,  maybe more so than most realize! I was a trooper!!  But let's hope that's over and I can have a great kick-ass work-out weekend again, then spend the rest of the time with my kids and hubby.

Today I'm trekking to the west side to see a few HS peeps!! I'm very excited!! I'll be seeing Ana-Lee, as I check out her classroom lizard.  And Julie (Keefner) Bihn, and her 2 girls, Dakota and Bailey - as I drop off candles she bought to support my fundraising campaign - which, btw, was majorly a CF by Yankee Candle - I'm SO disappointed in them!!  Julie was very understanding and I am grateful for that. But I'm really looking forward to seeing her.   Lastly, I'm hoping to catch up with Mr. Dan Major, an old friend from Jr. High and HS, who is currently struggling with some health issues.  I am fearful that he is still in the hospital at CCF, and not home ... if he's home, I hope to stop by if he's taking visitors.  I'm very worried about my friend Dan ... Say a prayer for him - he's the nicest, kindest man you'd ever meet.

Lastly, we will be celebrating my son's 7th Birthday today, as he was at his Dad's on Jan. 17th.  So, off to get cake and a gift ... not sure what! He didn't have any suggestions either! What kid can't tell me what toys he wants??  I'm stumped, but have a tiny idea in my head that may play out well.

Peace out peeps! Keep moving forward!
Much love,

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  1. If you're not moving forward you're sliding back.

    Gallbladder issues suck - good luck.