Friday, December 31, 2010

Resolutions ... or really, better said: Goals

Greetings my friends!  It is New Year's Eve day and I am relaxing on my couch after having a wonderful night's sleep and some good workout time on Trudy, my treadmill.  After showering and decompressing, I'm thinking of lots of things.

I've never been big on New Year's Resolutions ... just seems like they fizzle for me. My successful changes have happened when I FEEL the need to change them - like my cereal debacle! I became SO disgusted, I pledged to eliminate it from my diet and so far, so good!

My goals for 2011 are to be a better mother and wife - a constant struggle, as many of you may relate to. I am very egocentric at times, and I would like to do better with that. I love my family, so supporting them and meeting their emotional needs is very important. I think I do about a "C' job right now, and there is room to be a solid "B" or better.

I've been struggling with my workouts. I don't feel as exited to do them as I have in the past.  However, when I do begin them, that adrenalin rush kicks in and I feel like "why have I been resisting this so much- I love it!!"   I'm probably just in a lull.  Don't start chiming in that I'm over-trained, because I'm not!!

A BIG goal I'm going to tackle is to eliminate sweets.  Now, many of you are under the (flawed) impression that diabetics can't have sweets. We can, we must just be sure to cover with the appropriate amount of insulin.   But, I've outdone myself of late and feel pretty disgusted with my indulgences. I feel like I am ready to tackle this.  I'm not saying forever ... but I think I can try to do this until I hit IMSG in May.  I'm going to really try!  If I slip, or cheat, I'll call myself out, throw myself under the bus, then pick myself up from the floor and try again. I'm FAR from perfect!  I think this will help me to lose those 15 lbs that have been creeping up since starting insulin.

This is a good segue for my next topic.  I've been without my CGM for 6 or 8 weeks now.  And I've not been testing.  I've got my head buried in the sand.  Denial.  I know I've been eating bad and this is not the way a responsible, pro-active diabetic behaves. I'm supposed to be a role model!!  Part of it is financial. I pay full price for my transmitters, which amounts to $10 a day.  Well, with Christmas, Felicity, and the duplicate Mortgage debacle (see FB posts for that story), I've been tight, so I've gone without.  No more.  I took on another job (making ... 5 now!) and my house call practice is picking up steam, so I'm in a better place to get a box of sensors.  They arrived yesterday - I knew I'd be eating cake for Ted's birthday, so it's on now and we'll start with accountability NOW.

I guess the reason for this post is to let you know that we all slip, we all fail, we all make poor choices once in a while. But, we can recover from them most of the time and start anew.  So, it's coincidence that tomorrow is Jan. 1 - I need this to happen, and the date is irrelevant.

My last goal is to tackle running with grades (elevation) and cycling more regularly in preparation for IMSG.  This race is scary as snot to me!!  I'm worried about the altitude and the hills ... but, I do fell confident I can finish - I will finish.  And I don't much care about my time for that one - if I complete it, I've succeeded!

Finally, I've signed up for Sept. 11 Rev3 full again! I'm VERY stoked to do this race again. I will be aiming to go sub 14 for the race and look forward to training with local peeps all summer.  It's the first time I'll be working toward ONE key race, with relatively ambitious goals.  I want 13 hrs for that race! Then I'll shoot for 12.  I totally think it's something I'm capable of!!  I've never raced at 100% effort, nor trained for ONE key race.  I do enjoy the local Olys, so you'll still see me there, but my approach will be a bit different this year.  That's not to say I have any regrets about last year's approach, because I DON"T!  I succeed in reaching all my goals and came out injury free!! There were only 4 weekends between April and Oct. that I didn't race!  The fact that I'm without injury tell me I'm doing something right.   I always panic when I read all the workouts everyone else is doing ... I feel like I'm doing a fraction of that!  But in honesty, I don't have the time to train that much - my jobs keep me pretty dang busy and even though I often get up at 5 to do a workout, it can be challenging to get in as much as I'd like with 5 jobs!  I'm aware that each of us has to try to find that balance of family, self, career, education, vacation, kids' activities, etc, etc.   Most of us are type A personalities and figure it out remarkably well! I'm in awe of so many of you!!!

Okay, looking forward to seeing you, my peeps, at tomorrow's Polar Bear Plunge then heading to Panini for some food afterward. I will have the fam with me this year. Feel free to join us - either at the plunge (as spectator or crazy participant) and/or Panini!

Peace out, and Happy New Year!!
Hugs and OXOX,

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